High Cholesterol and Low Cholesterol Foods

Which foods have the most Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is produced in the liver; therefore all animal food products contain some cholesterol.

How much cholesterol should you have each day?

If there is a history of high cholesterol, consume less than 200 mg per day.

If there is not a history of high cholesterol the American Heart Association recommends no more that 300 mg per day. A product is considered low in Cholesterol when it has less that 20 mg per serving.

Liver 410 mg per 3 – ounce portion

Egg Yolk 212 mg per 1 yolk

Regular Ground Beef 74 mg per 3 ounces

Chicken Breast 71 mg per 3 ounces

Whole Milk 33 mg per 1 cup

Which foods have the least amount of Cholesterol and Saturated Fat?

All fruits and vegetables have zero cholesterol and little to no saturated fat.

Nuts also have zero cholesterol, however, they do have saturated fat. Saturated fat increases blood cholesterol. Therefore, choose foods with low saturated fat.

Dietary Fiber – How much is enough?

Total fiber intake should be 20-35 grams per day for adults. Soluble fiber sources include oats, legumes, fruit pectin, psyllium and certain gums. Fiber acts like a sponge and helps to pull LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, out of your system so that it is not absorbed into the blood. This factor may be involved in the association between fiber intake and decreased incidence of Coronary Artery Disease and death.

Sources of High Fiber

All Bran Cereal 10 g per ½ cup Bran Buds Cereal 12 g per 1/3 cup

Split Peas 16.3 g per ½ cup Black Beans 15.0 g per 1 cup

Pinto Beans 14.0 g per 1 cup Lentils 15.6 g per 1 cup

Pear with Skin 6.0 g per 1 large Apple with Skin 2.8 g per 1 small

Banana 2.2 g per 1 small Turnip, Cooked 4.8 g per ½ cup

Broccoli 2.3 g per 1 cup Sweet Potato 3.0g per ½ cup


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